Loathsome TV Ads

Which brands do you refuse to use/buy based primarily upon their advertising campaigns?

Purple Bricks
First Direct bank
On The Beach holidays

The Postcode Lottery

Had that song in my head for the past 9 months


Yes those ads are shite.

I don’t know what Key is I do really, but will never use them because of their shite singing advert

I’ll never have a house to release equity from

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Though not really because my savings are with them. Obviously not been moved from irked to downright livid.

That new Carling one is the Brexitiest thing that ever Brexited.


Imagine seeing TV ads in the year of our lord two thousand and nineteen AD.


They look fun…

god I hated them so much

Who’d have thunk it.

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Any excuse to post this again.


Hadn’t really seen any for ages then stayed in an air BnB in Cardiff at the weekend and sat slackjawed watching the telly wondering how anyone can stand adverts. They’re mostly astonishingly awful

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A commendable open-minded stance.

Mate, Game Shakers is only on Nickelodeon.

slow this down to 0.5.

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Watch it on your whatever-the-2019-equivalent-of-a-TiVO is, then.

Didn’t think this could get more chilling.

What if it was a really cool space hopper that’d be perfect for a family member but was branded by Katie Hopkins and the advert had here jumping up and down on the Katie Hopper