Local advertising wars


For reasons that you needn’t concern yourselves with, I find myself quite often listening to Rother FM. I’ve noticed that probably 75% of all adverts on the station are for one of three local carpet stores, and every item that can be sponsored will be sponsored by one of them too. They seem to be locked in this never-ending death struggle for supremacy of the airwaves, desperately trying to corner the hugely lucrative and prestigious Rotherham discount carpet market. And being local stores, the adverts have deliciously low production values.

What undignified trade battles are going down in your local area?


@plasticniki how’s the local ice cream shop scene?


years ago in Brighton it used to be a battle for the airways between the 2 big taxi firms/ numbers

01273 747474


01273 204060

Think they are all one company now though (and I haven’t listened to local radio for a very long time)


Actually, I would like some background on this please :+1:


It represents a sort of uneasy listening truce between the various members of my family. Some current hits, lots of half decent tunes from 70s onwards. Plus I live in Sheffield.


Rother Fm, lovely stuff


A new curry place opened 2 doors down from my go to back in Lincoln (UTI). The new place was so much better so everybody started going there and then the original place put out a really passive agressive menu slagging the other lads off. Will try and see if I can get a photo.

Curry wars!


Yep, I’ll be needing this.


In my manor, it’s sort of rubbish south London mini-empire Data Cars who are spamming every bus and bus stop with ads, presumably in a war against actual evil empire Uber and slightly smaller empire Addison Lee.

As a hand wringing lefty I refuse to use Uber, but much as I would like to support local firms I don’t think they have EVER got a car to me in less than 45 minutes. Addison Lee and their five minute turn up it is then. A quick skim of their reviews online suggests that I’m not the only one who has experienced this…


My manor (twice in one thread!) New Cross is fairly well served by decent/wanky coffee shops, so there was the usual muted neighbourhood protests when a Costa opened up directly opposite the university and right next door to an existing cafe. The cafe however responded instantly with some mildly amusing passive aggressive signage…



Oof, 42 out of 49 reviews are 1 star.


Delightfully devilish!


Yup, they are proper shit tbh tbf…


my favourite genre