Local Council Elections on Thursday

Lest ye forget

Not here I guess, unless they’ve forgotten to tell us.

In the sticks, not in London.

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mayoral elections in mcr. i think the options are yer man andy burnham or some other pricks. im sure i remember someone (@anon82218317 prob coz she knows loads of stuff?) saying he was a terrible shit but i cant remember why? but there also doesnt seem to be a better option.

also the tory candidate did a laughable video thing where he walks around going IM FROM HERE, I LIVE HERE, I WORK HERE like a fucking knob and then the tory logo thing is dead subtle at the end. fuck off, rat boy

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Get to vote for the new mayor of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough!!!

This guy is promising electric tricycles for all!!!

Which will, in time, be autonomous!!!



Typical stuff in the West Midlands, too:

Andy Burnham’s a terrible shit?

Got a nice bit of AV going in the West of England Metro Mayor. With Bristol being Labour leaning, and the surrounding areas Tory/Lib Dem, I’m hopeful that we may be able to AV our way into not having a Tory.

found it. cringeworthy little shit

yeah he seems ok but im sure i remember someone saying he was a bit shit? not looked at his voting record or owt tbh

Every single one of the candidates looks like a complete fud.

I’m kind of relieved that Heidi “can anyone explain why I’m a Tory” Allen dropped out, because of the extremely fleeting compulsion I’d have had to vote for her, followed by years of self-loathing for having even considered it.


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I’m poll clerking this Thursday. 7am-10pm :confused:

Would he have the power to compel companies to change their working hours? Seems… unlikely.

Tory candidate who pretends he’s not a Tory candidate.* I’m not sure there’s a single mention of it on any of his campaign guff that has been put through my door except a tiny Conservatives logo in the bottom corner.

Big fan of the way we had a referendum about having poxy mayors a few years ago and the answer was a fairly solid ‘No’. “Well tough, you’re having them anyway” - I didn’t know my boss also worked in government.

Dunno whether to even bother walking the 100 yards to the polling station for it to be honest.

Never mind, checked her voting record. Solid gold Tory twat.

I forget they look like human beings sometimes.

yeah apparently the govt have said nowheres having more devolved power without an elected mayor, which is pretty stupid but there we go eh

She’s the one who made a big fuss about making a speech against the welfare cuts, and then voted for them anyway, right?

Recently got into a sort of argument with my parents about them not voting (don’t really care about people not voting but they see it as a morally superior position), think they took it to heart, the upshot is on Thursday I’ve got to vote then go to another village and proxy vote for them as they are on holiday, all before my commute. Done myself there



“I know true Conservatives have compassion running though their veins,” she said. "Every Conservative MP who knows who we really are has a duty to remind those who have forgotten, we are the party of the working person, the person indeed who leaves for work while it’s still dark, who strives to provide for themselves their family with pride.