Local dialect



Astonished that many DiSers haven’t heard the word ‘nesh’ before. Especially you s_a_d.


Still laugh every time an English person on here says “jobbie”.


Do a Kallgeese and make a youtube video saying it and explaining it. Go go go go go.



  • I am local and have heard of it
  • I am local and have never heard of it
  • I am not local and have heard of it
  • I am not local and have never heard of it

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I too was unfamiliar with it in spite of co-opting stuff that Northerners say into my every day bant stock. Words such as

Radge - being pissed off
Rangooned - drunk

And the like.


When you say local, where exactly is it local to?


i met a man who claimed to be from the midlands
is this a real place??


East Midlands and bits of South Yorkshire

In my experience




Suspected that might be the case.

Used to go all over the East Mids at work, and there’s a few of that sort who work here. Never heard it.


Bullshit word.

When we’re back to tribal living in the next 5-6 years I’m going to ban its use.



the person who I heard using it this morning is from Derbyshire


Local to where?


local to which location to be precise?