Local history homework

Facebook just reminded that I once found someone’s school book in the park and when I was looking for where to return it I saw that her homework assignment for the week was to write about local history.

So before I returned the book I did her homework for her. Lol. :nerd_face:

Anyway, your homework is to write about local history, I am very open to myths as part of this assignment too and will assign bonus points in fact. No more than 6 facts or legends. Keep it snappy.

Please turn it in by the end of the day or there will be hell to pay.


Here is mine


It’s all my own work, honest

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That’s a beautiful thing to do.


Hmm, I seem to be getting a warning from the plagiarism detector here rich. I don’t want to have to bring you into the office over this.

(I am going to read it all and mark it anyway)

It was a jackpot find for me to be honest, I hope she becomes an archivist or something when she’s older :slight_smile:


No, I did all my own work, honest miss scout. I was the one that typed “Wikipedia Winchester history” into google.

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Here’s mine

LOADS of local history in there. I found out who William IV was yesterday. Literally never heard of him before. I’m turning into a proper local history nerd

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In 2008 my wife had been volunteered to be on the Shaun Keaveny 6 Music breakfast show, to do Toast The Nation - where you had to reel of some facts about your town, and choose a song that represents it.

She bottled it at the last minute, and handed me the phone.

We got sent a complementary book version afterwards. Here’s our Tunbridge Wells entry:


Well I liked the names of the suburbs, all very cute sounding, and I didn’t know Colin Firth was from there so I am somewhat enlightened. Nice bollards too!

Also, here’s a picture of the wall in our back garden.

Our house was built in around 1860, but before then there was a cricket pitch and where our house stood was the pavilion / social building for it. We reckon our back wall must have been one of the walls of that building - you can see where one of the windows was bricked up


Landscapers (TV Mini Series 2021) - IMDb

Now then, this is excellent work.



Didn’t do a very good job of covering those names huh. The funny thing upon receipt of the book was that my wife’s name is not actually Sue.

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Yeah, those bollards are fun tbh. The Roman, Arthurian and Medieval history are pretty interesting. As is this graveyard/associated church stuff

Oh, and over the road there’s no number 25 - during WWII a bomb bounced through the pub into the houses opposite. There was a gap on the street until the 1980s, and when it was rebuilt they extended numbers 24 and 26


We accept you, one of us, one of us

Another A* for homework and love the garden find!

Oooo now we’re talking!

I lived in a house that was built in the gap in the street made by a bomb. Took me a while to work out why my house and the surrounding 3 or 4 were newer than the rest of the street.

It was on Claude Road in Chorlton and one day my mum was trying to find the place and she pulled over and asked a guy “excuse me, where’s Claude Street” and the guy just gave her a withering look and said “there are NO streets in Chorlton” and walked on.

Lol. Got to admire his fact-based fuck off there really.


Historical facts about where I live now:

  • One of the main roads that forms the edge of the little triangle of roads we live in used to be an emergency runway during the war in case Manchester Airport got bombed
  • It’s the hometown of Frank Sidebottom and there’s a statue of him here. When they unveiled it the town got absolutely mobbed (I’d never heard of him before that). Here I am with my mate Frank