Local institutions


Ozmen supermarkets
Beres Pork Sandwich shops
Henderson’s relish



Someone else please do the rest

12 of them in Sheffield. None anywhere else.


M&Ms World

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Sydenham: Slatters/The Cake Store. Regularly featured on the Generation Game in the 70s, visited by Heston Blumenthal for a telly cooking programme (presumably about cakes) a few year back, made all the scones for Wimbledon. Famously staffed by a vast number of old ladies and gormless Saturday worker teens who don’t know what any of the products are.

Slatters closed pretty much on the bang of the first lockdown and won’t be opening again.

London’s Trendy East End:

Percy Ingles (RIP)

Didn’t know it was a chain. Went to one a couple times. Good sandwiches

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Gaffs (RIP)
Empire Exhange
Venus foods


Victor Morris
Best Kebab
The Barras

Never heard of this

Been gone for a while now to be fair.

Deaf Institute(ion)

Oh Afflecks for Manchester too.

(shout out to the small spin off of this very very briefly in wigan in the 90s called Zoo. Wish i could meet someone else who remembers it)

Beanos, Croydon. Though it closed in 2009.

It’s now a creche I think.

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8th Day Cafe
Al Faisal/ This and That/Cafe Marhaba
The Footage
Pevril of the Peak
The Circus


The Hobbit

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Quiggins, Liverpool


Van of Life/Death (are they still going?)
Indigo Cafe
Fitzbillies I guess but it’s basically just for tourists these days

helluva shop that, loved a wee nosey in there :slight_smile:

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