Local interest thread: Tell us about an underrated local building that you like!

Ronseal thread. None of your famous tourist attractions like your Frensham Ponds or Oxo Towers, tell us about ones that won’t show up in tourist brochures!

Thread prompted by my walk to work, from which you can see the Eglinton Asylum. Formerly the longest building in Europe, now just the longest building in Ireland. It was built between 1847 and 1852. It was originally built as three separate blocks but the blocks were joined together in 1861.

The building has a grim history, serving as an asylum for almost 150 years before closing in the early 1990s. It has since been converted into apartments but one third of the building remains derelict.



architecture threads are guaranteed to bring all the twats out of the woodwork

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I used to live near this nuclear bunker




just kidding mate. I like looking at buildings too. I’ve even got an example to post. 1m.

I sometimes even go in them!

Unfortunately, they’ve ruined much of the place around it by building fucktard numbers of enormous luxury housing but this place is fantastic.

Lovely building and with an absolutely fascinating history - you wouldn’t know it was there if you just drove past, surrounded by woodland yet it gives spectaular views across London.

My house. It’s where my things are.

It’s probably not underrated in an architectural sense, it’s a bloody lovely modern building, but it’s in a suburban area of Manchester you’d only see if taking a certain bus into town…

In terms of older buildings, i’ve always liked this crusty old shell of a place. It’s nothing to look at now, but it used to be a grand old picturehouse before the carriageway was expanded. Some old nutter inherited it and wouldn’t sell for literally decades, but i think they’ve just forced through some sort of sale…


Early Madness lyrics needed a bit of work eh Suggs?