Local labels (and divisions)

Scousers vs Woolybacks
Geordies vs Mackems

I’m from Wigan originally, we’re nicknamed pieeaters.

Not sure of any Manchester ones actually…?

Anyway, more of this chat please…

Kettering - sheep shaggers
Corby - legends

Shakey Wakey vs Ponte Carlo vs Cas Vegas

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Are they in a rivalry of any kind?

Swansea - Jacks

Skates / Scummers (though I’m not sure if this is just in footballing terms between Portsmouth and Southampton)

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When I saw Jeff Goldblum do his jazz thing at Glastonbury, he spent over 5 minutes going 'people from Liverpool are called Scousers, do we have any Scousers here? People from Newcastle are called Geordies, do we have any Geordies here? People from London are called Cockneys, do we have any Cockneys here? ’ etc etc


I’m very sad to have missed this

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He also did a film quiz for some reason. Not with music or owt, he just stood there reading questions

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Yeah, it’s hardly the crips vs. the bloods but yeah. but hey i live in kettering now so I can’t hate them that much

Essex - slags

Not sure why this made me laugh (several times in fact) - a debate on the Echo about the difference between scousers, plastic scousers, and woolybacks.

“St Helens, Widnes etc are wools. Huyton, Kirkby, Bootle etc. are borderline. Birkenhead are the biggest wools. Wools want to be Scousers, Scousers don’t want to be wools.”


The Manchester version of Scouse and wool is manc and yonner

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Oh I’ve heard yonner!

Yeah it’s exactly the same as wool

Where you from?
Oh which part
“ Oldham”

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Cornwall - Racist smugglers
Devon - all-round fun lads, good at pasties and cream teas.

People from Swindon are moonrakers

Wonder if Wigan is a very distant yonner town? I feel like Wigan needs a special name as it’s got so many scousers living there, and with it being near equidistant between Manchester and Liverpool.

Wigan to MAnchester
Air line: 16.48 mi (26.52 km)
Driving route: 22.47 mi (36.16 km) (0h 35min)

Wigan to Liverpool
Air line: 17.42 mi (28.04 km)
Driving route: 28.05 mi (45.14 km) (0h 40min)

Campaign for some sort of special magical status.

Taffs - very cool
Jacks - live in a big puddle with too many hills


Nearest pub to where I first lived (yonner adjacent) was called the moonraker


People from my village (Malborough) are known as Moonrakers too, as well as people from Marlborough in Wiltshire. Weird.

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