Local Natives (2019)

This is my favrouite album of the year so far. It’s everything I wanted following Hummingbird and Gorilla Manor.

Favourites is that first set of six tracks (Villiany -> Past Lives -> Dark Days -> Fountains of Youth -> Masters -> Jellyfish (and maybe even Coins), the strongest on any album in recent memory.

Agree, this is really great. Hummingbird is one of my favourite albums of recent years so delighted they’ve come back so strong.

For me the album really hits it stride with ‘Fountains of Youth’ through to ‘Coins’, however there are no weak tracks.

Really loving this.

Anyone else at the show at The Courtyard Theatre a few weeks back? So great and set a new benchmark of gig sweaty-ness, but it didn’t detract one bit.

The design and packaging of the vinyl looks like a must have.

I’m a bit disappointed with it. I find it quite uneven and too polished… veers dangerously close to sounding like Coldplay in places. Fountains of Youth and Dark Days are great. I love the first half of Coins but the synths don’t do it for me at all.

Still, looking forward to seeing them in November.

The word ‘polished’ does seem to be cropping up in the slightly more negative reviews I’ve seen.

I like that it’s their most ‘polished’ - also that it’s really upbeat, compared to Hummingbird anyway. I basically think that this is their ‘Sam’s Town’ (which will probably be met with absolute derision on these here boards, but I think it’s a fucking fantastic album).

I’ve been listening to it loads and absolutely love it. Agree it does sound like Coldplay in places. Or their take on Coldplay, at least. I’m also getting recent Mew in the instrumental parts. ‘Fountain of Youth’ SHOULD be the biggest hit of the year…

Struggle to get the record back in the sleeve what with all the bits of paper that come with it, mind…

Oh ffs I thought I had looked through the music board thoroughly before posting that thread of my own.

Anyway, really digging this, I like that they’ve taken a brighter, at times almost pop direction after Hummingbird (which was also great). Can see why people would call it polished but I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing, suits the songs pretty well.

Great album. Hummingbird was good but a bit of a slog at times to listen to all the way through.

Like the more optimstic tone of this one.

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really enjoying it. I don’t follow the low rating on rateyourmusic.com

it’s sitting on 72/100 on Metacritic right now - I reckon that’s fair. a couple of average tracks, but a lot of great ones.

Yup this is bloody great. First listen I thought there were a few lesser tracks but after a few repeats I think each one holds its own. Would probably say Masters, Fountain of Youth and Mother Emanuel are my highlights.

Still really enjoying this…disagree with just about everything in the pitchfork review…http://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/22405-sunlit-youth/

Yeah that’s a review to completely disregard in my opinion.

This makes no sense much like the review as you don’t have to presume… The album is there, right now.

I have 2 tickets for the show at Koko on 2nd November if anyone wants em. Face value (£17.50 each). :100::raised_hands::microphone::guitar:

My friend has fallen ill and I think I’m also on my way, so I’ve probably got two tickets for the show at KOKO tomorrow (Wednesday 2nd) available too. Think I paid about £20 each for them, but anywhere around that’s fine.

If Anattrative’s not shifted theirs contact them first, as they were first in the thread.


new funky tune/video “Cafe Amarillo”


this is really nice

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Not sure about this…sounds like something off a hot chocolate ad