Local Natives (2019)

That’s a very nice album name.

Listened to Villainy recently - still a cracking tune

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I just walked past the band as I was walking out of Hackney Central! Looking forward to seeing them at Oslo tonight and the new album has gradually started sinking its teeth in.

Just going through their back catalogue recently and I think Hummingbird has to be up there as one of the top-tier records of the decade. It also led to one of the best pieces that I’ve read which has been penned on this website.


I have listened to Violet Street once. Applause for trying new things.

The production and vocal arrangements are definitely different.

Feast or Famine, although I’d be surprised if I don’t go back to some of these tunes. semi-regularly throughout the year.

The new album is not as immediate as I maybe would have expected. It is very melancholy. It’s going to take time to sink in.

Good gig last night. Nice to see a band come back after a while and get a reception like that. They seemed visibly taken aback by the response from the crowd.

Agree with current sentiments on the new album - bit of a slow burner. Couple of decent highlights. Need to give it a few more spins.

Anybody else getting into this yet? Sounds really good to me. Not a Hummingbird-style record so if that’s what you want you’ll be disappointed. But if you accept it for what it is I think it’s great

When Am I Going to Lose You, Megaton Mile, Shy, and Gulf Shores are all massive tunes. Cafe Amarillo and Tap Dancer are nice slow burners that make more sense on the album than they did as singles

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I liked it. Worked well as a whole without too many stand out moments but an enjoyable listen - like a real estate record or something.

What is the newest one like? Not bought it yet.

I’m confused, which one are you saying sounds like a Real Estate album?

Think the new is very strong. Consistent, cohesive, and very pretty

Sunlit youth, only in the sense it kind of drifted by in a thoroughly pleasant way. I might be talking pish here cause I’ve not listened to it in a while.

really warming up to this album as I put it #6 on my midseason aoty list

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I hadn’t paid them too much attention since gorilla manor really but this new one has got me back into them, other two albums pretty strong too.

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Violette Street is really growing on me. Was a little bit ‘meehhh’ after the first listening, but it’s coming…it’s coming.

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