Local Newspaper Nonsense


That’s just art.

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I get a lot of Facebook posts from Stoke on Trent Live these days :smiley:

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Nice newspaper name / story combo

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Ooh you’re in for a treat :wink:

“Examiner? I hardly know her!”



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Can’t even be mad about this, genuine story that people are interested in, seems to have come from a planning submission not a press release, and has got actual quotes from local people that discuss the positives and negatives. This is actual journalism!

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Jesus Christ I was not expecting that tweet to be what it is

Leave someone who wants to fuck carrots alone

The gettyimage somehow makes this absolutely hilarious

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Now singing this, against all my better instincts, to the tune of Bonzo Goes To Bitburg (My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down)

That’s brilliant :smiley:

Enjoyed this.

“Person almost wins some money”.

I’m baffled by this.

Firstly its recommending the most obvious thing imaginable to control heat in a room. Then there’s a load of nonsense about gas pasding thru. Wtf

I’m going to presume he knows they’re filled with water and the write up has got confused with him talking about it still using gas to heat up or something

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Plumber reading it is probably gutted.

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That’s generally how funerals work, yes.


I went down to Galloway for the first time at the weekend. Bought a local paper, as I tend to do. Opened it and the first thing I read is a letter about how the Queen and monarchy should be celebrated for protecting the common people from capitalism, and that feudalism is the way to go because “everyone has a place and there’s a place for everyone”.

The other letters weren’t any less unhinged.