Local Newspaper Nonsense


Taken from: (the embed made it a little unclear what I was referring to)


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Gianfrango Zola

50 mph for your 50th birthday - cheer up Eminem

Good Lord. I didn’t realise he already turned 50 a few months ago, as did Akon and Sean Paul!

Thank god this man has returned


Made me laugh. Basically Lancashire!


BBC clearly but very much a local nonsense story

Actually think this is a really important issue. There’s some kind of argument to be made around the fairness of the state imposing restrictions on private property without offering appropriate compensation, particularly where it affects the liveability of those buildings.

But even if you sidestep that, the heritage protection system certainly wasn’t set up to send people to prison over things that are clear improvements.


Oh yeah, absolutely. On the face of it though, ‘person going to jail over planning issue’ is very local newspaper nonsense.

No energy efficiency for you, you live in an old house.

Someone locally(ish) had a load of beef a year or two back about sticking a bike hangar on their driveway because it was in a conservation area. Obviously parking a car or two there is absolutely fine and is as nature intended but no, you may not put a small shed there.

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