Local Southwest Wyoming Rock Group - Led By Amazing Female Vocalist

I recently moved to Rock Springs, Wyoming. A town in the heart of Southwest Wyoming, and like the rest of Wyoming it too proves difficult to find some good local music, that isn’t country. A little about myself, I am originally from this area, (Early Childhood - Middle of grade school). The majority of my life I’ve had the great pleasure of living in Omaha, Nebraska, a city full of music around every block, and known for a few popular groups as well. “311, anyone?” I just happen to be cousins with Chad Sexton, too. Pretty cool, right? Anyways, back to the present. A couple weeks after moving back to Wyoming, I kind of regretted it. Coming from a large city, where there’s shows every night, and opportunity in the arts everywhere, to come to a whole state that primarily only plays country music, well frankly it sucked to say the least. Until I discovered a popular local group, whom they refer to themselves as, “Zamtrip”. Inspired by classic metal and hard-rock groups we’ve all come to know and love, like Motley Crue, Black Sabbath, Black Stone Cherry, Halestorm, and many others. When listening to this group for the first time, you definitely get that Lzzy Hale vibe. The lead vocalist, Samantha Newman has got some pipes! Even though it seems as if these female vocal-lead hard-rock and metal groups have been popping up all over the place, Zamtrip has proven their ability to run with the Big Dogs. In the very near future, I will be interviewing this incendiary group to get a better understanding of their goals, dreams, and passion for music. You can check them out on their website, with a built-in SoundCloud player included.



that’s not very local to me

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Thanks for the feedback. I’m still in school, majoring in Journalism. I hope to help bring back the old-school, Lester Bangs style of music journalism. I’m assuming there’s just a slight bit of sarcasm in your reply, but I choose to see the good in most things in life. Is your comment making a suggestion or critique of my entry? If you are in fact a well educated and credited individual, I would actually enjoy some more criticism. I’m just starting out, and I suppose I should have put “Unsigned” as opposed to “Local”.

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I know Black Stone Cherry but certainly dont love them