Local verb usage

Everyone around here seems to ‘raid’ the stationery cupboard. It’s fine guys! Take what you need!!

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Can ya lend us a fag?

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‘crash’ us a fag in my day. Implies I’m clumsy??? How dare you!

No fag for you.


Note: I am actually very clumsy

I say inanimate things “want” or “don’t want” to be something. eg “The screw doesn’t want to be that tight” etc and I never knew that was weird and/or regional.

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Not verb usage but constantly irked by the way Southampton natives say “where’s that to?” when asking where something is.

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Also said in Bristol and Plymouth.

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In Bristol you don’t stroke a cat or dog, you smooth it. It’s really weird.

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Proper locals for these parts don’t put an s on verb endings for third person singular. So they’d say “She work there, she do”.

Nothing wrong with that.

‘Led’ is a mildly irksome Westcountry one instead of ‘lying’. As in “I’m just led in bed” Could be a local contraction of ‘laid’ but still annoying.

didn’t know that stretched so far east.

And putting an ‘s’ on every shop name. ‘Tescos’ ‘Lidls’ ‘Asdles’

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Thats normal in south Wales, then again we also say “I’ll be there now in a minute”