lockdown Saturday

the sun’s woken me up early again

any “plans” today?



Gonna brave the supermarket this morning.

Then ‘tidy’ the music room, which is essentially putting some smaller boxes in a bigger box, then putting that box in the garage.

May count up my change in my change jar.

How you keeping?


Going to work on my village in Animal Crossing

Broadcasting Money in The Bank 2011 to my fellow disers in a watchalong which all are invited to participate for the 3rd Watchalong we’ve held this week :slight_smile:

Dunno might socialise on peoples islands in Animal Crossing. Currently waiting for the shops to open so I can buy stationary and send someone a hat then might visit someone elses house. Again all in Animal Crossing


mwt! :heart:

I’m fine. Nothing to complain about. Might ride my bike on a road today but starting to feel weird about it / also I have no motivation.


I really want a Switch


Morning all. Woke up too early. Making coffee. Going to use this lockdown weekend to try and get some writing done. And also make an animation with blu tac, if I can find some in the drawer. It’s about 8 years since I last made one. This was the pinnacle of my amateur animating attempts: https://youtu.be/kpIFVj6HXrI.

In other news, my favourite video conferencing anecdote from the past week has been a friend having auto captions on for a work meeting, and it translating her boss as saying “are we all facing vaginas?” She doesn’t know what they actually said. Hopefully it wasn’t that. :flushed:

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Might do a little bit of AQoS prep. How you and c_c_b did this every week I have no idea…


Nintendo have recently added stock of the Switch Lite but other than that you cant even pre-order the Switch (big one) and I think thats literally all options. in the UK. The Switch (big one) is literally selling for £400 - £600 right now which is absurd.

Nintendo website has recently added Switch Lite stock if you want the handheld

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the lite is in stock

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Do you have bread flour?

That’s the one thing I can’t find anywhere just now :frowning:

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Will also spend a large proportion of time in the real world (Animal Crossing). Might visit the cemetery since Victoria Park has been closed :pensive:.

Sadly dont think the Switch will be easily obtained until this whole pandemic business blows over.

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I think as long as it’s airtight and can take a bit of mild pressure build up it should be ok.

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Morning early risers

Quite enjoying the sunny early starts apart from the beers I had last night.

Gonna start slow and catch up on better call Saul with some coffee, then the plan for the weekend is tidy and replant the balcony so it’s a nice place to spend the next however many weeks, then make some playlists and speak to family.

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Another one braving the supermarket. Trying to decide which one I’m going to take my chances with between Aldi, Sainsburys and Morrisons. Not expecting to get the bread and eggs but hopefully the other things will be available.

One query though, with it being shopping for essentials only, is it still okay to buy things like chocolate? I know this is probably a stupid question, but it’s been stressing me out quite a bit.


Yes everything is fine to buy, may only be able to get 3 or 4 of an item etc.

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Thanks. Keep having visions of getting to the till and being told “you’re not allowed that” etc. Hopefully when I’ve done it once under the new rules I’ll be more relaxed about it.


what’s the downsides to the lite? I think I’d rarely play it on the telly…

It does get easier once you’ve done it a few times!