lockdown Saturday

What shall I cook?

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  • Chicken Jalfrezi
  • Chicken Biryani
  • Chicken Dhansak

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This caption has done me a bit

Just bleached some of my shopping and quarantined the rest. You know, just normal Saturday stuff.

Dhansak it is - a new one. Let’s see how this goes!

Dhansak: Thou shalt always add pineapple

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Will see what I can find in the bunker supply room!

Tried cashew milk in my coffee. Not great but better than soy which was all else we had. Overall rating 6.5/10

I sure hope so, next time I brave a supermarket run I’m getting a pile of chocolate (along with the essentials)

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They should be able to give you quotes if you give them lots of pics and a few dimensions. Especially at the moment. At least you can then sift through some of the madder quotes you would never consider and is a waste of everyone’s time.

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Nice this is what I was hoping. They could just come round and we leave the gate open and wave though the window but that may be wierd.

Missing not being able to get free slices when I walk by from time to time

Here’s a conundrum for you. The chocolate biscuit ‘the penguin bar’ on paper should be nice, but is actually one of the absolute worst biscuits. Just doesn’t make sense given its constituent parts

  • I agree
  • Shut up that is like a fave of mine lol

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I have had people that insist on coming round for stuff. But have then sent off pics for other things and got quotes. Think I would prefer people just coming round for quotes while I wave out the window. Makes it feel less like I’m breaking up with someone when I turn their quote down.

“yay, a penguin bar” - nobody ever

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penguin bars, school lunches, wasnt it? jumpers for goalposts. isnt it, hmm? garlic bread.


Satisfying crunch also unlike some other, softer biscuit lads.

I agree but also don’t agree that it should be nice on paper

They are the fucking joke!