lockdown Saturday

You can keep them xx

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I’m sorry. I was too eager to get my order out into cyberspace. Feel awful now. Might just throw it in the bin when it gets here.

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Come on @thewarn get over here and watch some classic WWF and smash some cans #yolo

Edit: oh wait no I’ve probably got coronavirus, best not

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Rozzers driving through the park.

Put on a shirt I bought at a charity shop to wear out for someone’s birthday.

Had a can of irn bru and feel a bit better.

why don’t you go and fuck off then?


you go?..

Need more recipes people, otherwise I’m gonna have to include my family pasty recipe and my grandma is gonna haunt the fuck out of me

Time for Porco Rosso

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Come in the water is warm




For absolutely no reason my friend sent me a link to google translate and told me to type in “mr bean”, select french and listen to it
It is very funny tbf


do ‘kermit wormit’ but in german

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Omg :smiley: hahahahaha
Quite fancy the little minx who does the voice
Keeeermit WURMIT

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we’re back

We’re not even a week in. Save some excitement for next month!

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Enjoying this a lot. Razor talking enthusiastically about using Argos at Christmas
“they even put it in your car!!”

My mission to try and seduce the German AI :smiley:
Desperately typing in “I LOVE YOU”

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An exciting thing happened earlier actually here Kermy. When we made the chest of drawers we were worried the screwdriver was gonna run out of battery all the way through and it did… just after I’d put the last screw in! Hows about that for a rollercoaster ride eh.

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Look what you’ve done.


Watching Eacape From Alcatraz. Was watching Michael Portillo flouncing around Canada on the trains. Got beerz. Had decent dinner

PHOTO FINISH! Love that for you. Love that so much.
What I would give for an electric screwdriver, funks. Gonna have to purchase one at some point. Not that I’m screwing a lot (behave) but they are stunning to use. Borrowed one from my old man when I was putting together a vivarium once and it was an absolute delight. I’ve actually inherited a gorg normal screwdriver that’s got detachable heads for different uses and it fills me with JOY to know I own it. That and all the weird Swiss army knives. Just good to own.

Horrified that I’m talking enthusiastically about screwdrivers whilst watching a YouTube video of an ex soccer AM presenter and using phrases like “my old man”, btw. Give it a few days and I’m gonna have opinions on football ffs

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