What was that Welsh accent all about eh?!


Or the terrible, hackneyed writing?

Still I’ll give a film that rips into Gary Caldwell a pass


Liked this film.


hi theo did this work


john question mark



I lasted til about 20 mins from the end
Then just couldn’t be arsed and switched it off.
Wasn’t for me.


So you missed the bit where it’s revealed that he’s actually an android?


I wish I had video editing skills as here is what I would do with some scenes from Locke:
As Olivia Coleman is pregnant in it…replace all of Lockes dialog with that of Mark Corrigan and have the people who phone Locke be Jeremy, Johnson and Super Hans.

On a side note it does seem that in every role he gets that Tom Hardy either has to be unintelligible, doing a bizarre accent or some mixture of both.


he was my favourite i think apart from sawyer


Kate for me :heart::heart::heart:



As for this film, highly overrated stuff. Felt like the writer was pretty misogynist all things considered too, unless he just liked the idea of a film where you think the main character is a fucking cockend and have to watch him for 90 minutes showing what a total cockend he was. But generally I got the impression the writer though Locke was sympathetic and that this was all about ‘grey areas’ of morality. He wasn’t and it wasn’t: he was a misogynist arsehole, so fuck him.


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Oh odd, I did think it kept the link as I’d thought we’d done it before. (I am replying to your post in the ‘shit together part 2 thread’).


How about if I do it while quoting you?


didn’t work


that works, but I knew you could do that already


The writer is Steven Knight - also the writer of Peaky Blinders, Dirty Pretty Things and erm Burnt.


Unfortunately I haven’t seen any of those things so not really sure what point you’re making.


Thought it was pretty good actually.
Quite like Tom Hardy.