I liked it and I am a Welsh so there


I enjoyed it.


Good film.


The point was he’s written some really good stuff previously!


really bad
bad accent
the people on the other end of the phone were bad and sounded totally disconnected like they weren’t in a real conversation at all
turned it off about half hour in
sorry tom


I wasn’t meaning to call into question the quality of the writing itself just whether the writer (and filmmakers) had far more sympathy for this character than I did.


What’s Brian Eno got to do with anything?


Guys, I only made this thread cause I thought there’d be loads of ‘lock’ based ones.

Cheers Ant for the false precedent


what’s the deal with cement?


I could tell you if I understand a bloody word he said


I was though “ooh you leave concrete footprints on my floor relationship like a metaphor”. STFU