Logging in on mobile

Overnight I was somehow logged out of DiS on my mobile, and I can’t log back in today. I keep getting an ‘unknown error’ message.

I’m logged in on desktop okay.

Anyone else got this / know how to fix it?

I can’t see anything recent on https://meta.discourse.org.

Might be worth raising your issue there.

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There’s a small chance that you were logged out due to an operating system update

Try opening a private browser tab on mobile to see if the issue is some cookie glitch?

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This seemed to just correct itself after I was logged out for a few days.

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hello - sorry for replying to this topic - I’ve had to start a new account and I can’t start a new one! @moderators - I got a new phone and lost my 2FA app - is there any way my 2FA can be reset - when I try and log in (account @thameslink) I get to the 2FA point and have no other options.

any help appreciated!

Hi, I’ve tried disabling it now. Try again and see if that helps :slight_smile:


thanks! that’s sorted it!


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