Loki - Marvel TV Series


‘People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect, but actually, from a nonlinear, non-subjective viewpoint, it’s more like a big ball of wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey… stuff.’ - No, it’s not Moffat, ya big prick, stop humanising the notion of time because you can’t deal with being alone in a cold universe or the concept of entropy.

Tbf I think he did it because it’s much easier to plot a sci-fi show based around time travel if you don’t worry too much about the specifics

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It’s for the kids though, can’t lie to them! They’ll be fine, they love the film Primer.

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This had a bit of a season one of legion vibe to it. Enjoyable.


I’m not sure if you made a typo here?

– Spoilers follow for any of the MCU stuff to this point obviously –

Anyway, I think the point is that the ‘Loki universe’ is just a universe in which the tesseract isn’t in the possession of the Avengers until the opening of Infinity War when Loki is killed trying to protect it. So the events of Thanos gaining it would turn out differently and make everything turn out differently.

The whole point of the TVA is to stop there being any branches.

Obviously this is kind of amusing because of Tilda Swinton having the big old conversation with Hulk about him being about to make a new timeline without the stone in and she obviously knows a lot about this but no one ever thought to mention the TVA to her?

Anyway, Endgame is laced with all kinds of inconsistencies due to its time travel plot so this is an attempt to retcon that and make sure we know they’re actually taken care of…except presumably the completely new timeline Steve Rogers creates where he’s with Peggy because according to the Russos that’s what happened. Hmm…

On top of that the notion that these guys are all, “Don’t create spurious timeline branches,” and yet reckon the version of the current timeline where the Avengers go back in time and make loads of different branches the TVA have to fix is the ‘right’ version rather than just making sure the timeline where Thor just chops Thanos’s head off at the end of Infinity War is quite amusing to me. :smiley:

All that said, a lot of fun and I like it.

Do we reckon Loki is his own future variant? He’s the one who’s getting all those bombs together so he can erase the timeline where he dies or his mum dies or something?


Watched this last night and think I really enjoyed it. The look and sound of it are great, big A Clockwork Orange vibes from the opening theme and couldn’t help think of Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino!

Wasn’t sold on Tom Hiddlestone though, felt like his acting wasn’t the same as in the other films? Maybe it was just me but felt really weak through a lot of it?

I feel that because they already said it’s Loki they are hunting that it won’t actually turn out to be him and there will be some reveal?




Oh and also just to reiterate what’s been said Falcon and Winter Soldier was so, so dull. Couldn’t get past Episode 3 but to be honest I never really cared for those characters at all. Wandavision on the other hand was one of the best things Marvel have done.

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korg volca at the TVA :smiley:


:grinning: Think they’re playing solitaire on that monitor as well.

It was ok. Would be nice if Hollywood could come up with a new look for the shadowy bureaucratic inter-dimensional temporal agency. The retro-futuristic 60s aesthetic has been done.


yeah it is weird with umbrella academy having done it so recently, wouldn’t have thought marvel would want to be seen borrowing from competitor comic franchise, unless umbrella academy borrowed it from a marvel thing I dont know about

That crazy 60’s - 70’s retro futurisms was big in marvel. Jack Kirby was amazing at it.
Well. It was futurisms at the time. :grin:


Really good chuckle at ‘duplication casting’, exactly the kind of humour I’m after

This is a good show! Turns out Owen Wilson is all I needed in the MCU. Everyone is bouncing off each other really well in this.

Quite enjoying this. I have theories but, since my last one was wrong it’s really good.

Yeah, I’m certain Owen’s laugh at about 24.45 into episode 2 in response to Loki’s backstabbing line is a real reaction. Wonder if they are improvising a bit there.

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Tom and Owen are killing it so far. I love the way they play off each other.


It does have a bit of a loose improvised feel to it doesn’t it. Really pleasant tone.