Loki - Marvel TV Series

Yeah, I’m in the love it camp. Thought they nailed that ending, easily the best of all three shows so far. Jonathan Majors is about to become everyone’s favourite actor.




@wikihock is now an Owen Wilson/Tom Hiddleston shipping account


My daughter watched this show and drew this


Enjoyed that a lot, there is a mid credit scene.

Yeah, first episode was really good. Tom Hiddleston is such a great fucking actor.

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Looked great, love the score, wonderful cast - not sure about the content though. Just lots of running around and shouting…didn’t think the stakes were clearly defined enough. Looking forward to seeing where it goes though.


1st ep was really good, wasn’t it? I went in with low expectations after how dire Secret Invasion was, and not really remembering S1 that well.

The cast are very good though. Excellent performances from pretty much all the central characters. I won’t pretend to know what was going on but it all looked great and actually made me laugh out loud a couple of times. It stepped up a notch when they met OB, and his debut scene was absolutely fantastic TV.

What a pleasant surprise. I must remember though that a couple of other Marvel shows have started off well before nosediving - Moon Knight I’m looking at you!!

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Another great fucking episode. Tom Hiddleston, once again, acting his ass off and showing why he’s the best actor in the MCU by a country mile.


Liked that. Again, looks great, everyone giving it their all. Too much plot and not enough story though. Does anyone actually know what’s going on?

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Watched 3 eps of season 2 …it’s an absolute mess. Made me kinda angry thinking about all the hard work that has gone into every aspect of it apart from the story. Such a waste.

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It looks great but this season is so boring. Going to stop here.


Phew, thought that seemed like an overly dramatic reaction!


I’m not sure what autocorrect did there. :smiley:

Yeah, sort of the same view. I guess it is fine, but really not keeping my attention. Don’t really like watching the domestic abuser much though, at least his acting is shit this season. Would have been shit if he was the main draw again.

Wilson and Hiddleston are both enjoyable watches, so I probably will watch to the end, but as a while I am cooking sort of thing.

It’s such a shame the story is so weak, because everything else is top tier. Everyone acting their arse off, amazing production design, shot wonderfully. The story is just “vibes” though. It ain’t enough


Once again, looks like I’m at odds with everyone in here. For me, that episode gave me that old MCU feel I’ve only had with GOTG3 and No Way Home since Endgame. Really fucking good and can’t wait to see what happens next week.

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Nah you ain’t the only one I’ve liked it, I think there are issues the main one being it’s very Moffat Who which it you didn’t know Doctor Who it would probably be amazing.

The main issue is I think it’s been quite clearly tainted by Majors. Everytime he’s on the screen, I just end up thinking “fuck off” to the point that it would have probably been worth reshooting and delaying this, since it’s quite clear they are going to have to get rid of him.

But Hiddlestone, Wilson and Quan have been an absolute fucking joy.

I know Marvel love chucking endless money at this stuff, but I suspect even they would stop short of essentially re-doing an entire season (or close to it)

We’re over halfway and l believe it’s 6 episodes, it was a 4 month shoot. There hasn’t been anything so far that suggests it isn’t outside the realms of possibility of a reshoot if they really wanted (next week is a single cam of Majors that took 2 months after saying all this)