Loki - Marvel TV Series

It was alright in the end I suppose. Didn’t understand from the moment Loki took the throne onwards was the point of “the war room” to dismantle the TVA and that was why Renslayer turned up where she did

Thought it looked quite good this episode as well.

Thought the finale was incredible. Nailed the landing and then some.

I’m still reeling from discovering that the actor who plays Ouroborus is Short Round from ‘Temple of Doom’ - I feel old.

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I enjoyed that series although tbh I didn’t follow it much but it looked great.

You haven’t seen Everything Everywhere All at Once then?

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If you know your Eddas and funnily enough the etymology of the name Loki, this season really, really comes into its own. Fucking spectacular. Got chills in the finale. Loki is by far the standout series of the Disney+ efforts to date.

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Amazing just how much an ending can completely redeem or ruin what came before, happened with the last few episodes of season 2 of Foundation too. I thought this series was tosh by and large other than the set design/direction (some amazing shots throughout) and OB, but the final episode was great.

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enjoying this (2 episodes left) but as someone else observed it’s largely just vibes isn’t it? I couldn’t tell you what on earth is going on but it’s very engaging

Zoned out a bit in the first couple of episodes of Loki season 2 when they were explaining the loom and stuff. Fair to say I didn’t have a clue what was happening watching the finale just now.