Lolina/Inga Copeland

Didn’t realise Lolina had sneaked something out last week:

It’s as obtuse as anything she put out with Dean Blunt. Anyone else a fan? Saw some of her set supporting Tim Hecker a couple of years ago and was really blown away.


yeah I’m a big fan - just spotted this via a twitter post so not listened yet.

hope it gets a vinyl release - i think most of her other lolina stuff has had a physical release eventually.

Always used to see her out and about in London

Saw her live a few years ago and she was really good

Think her recorded stuff leaves a lot to be desired though

Aye that Live in Paris record is gold.

Yeah can’t stop listening to this.

This is her most ‘accessible’ record to date isn’t it?

It’s all relative of course - I imagine her stuff annoys the hell out of most people.

Still very much in the style of ‘Live in Paris’ but just feels more focused (that isn’t a criticism of her other records btw, I love the way they drift).

And yeah I’m loving this.

Something like The Missing Evidence is the most melodic thing she’s done to date innit. Almost feels like a single ha.

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I bought the vinyl yesterday from Phonica. Really enjoying it.

New Dean Blunt collaboration (sounds like Inga on a few tracks) free download:

New Lolina album up on Bandcamp

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All of the Lolina stuff is up on Spotify now, including the two live records.

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Vinyl release for this on bandcamp now.



really liked the hype williams stuff, then her inga copeland stuff was amazing. do not get lolina in the slightest and she seems like she’s intentionally doing like anti-music and trying to shed fans or something? :sweat_smile: will check out the newun for sure.

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