For those who loved their superb debut from last year, Loma have a new song out this week. It’s cracking.


Oooh super, so glad that their difficult personal circumstances have been overcome and that they’re carrying on making music together.

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Unbelievably, she also has a Cross Record album test pressing, so looks like even more Emily Cross to come! Prolific!

No way! Love her Cross Record albums! Wonder if he’s still involved, post-divorce?

I think it’s her band but if they work together on Loma I imagine they’re still pally enough that he helps out on CR too. The production and instrumentation side of both bands are a really big part of their respective sounds, so I hope that continues.

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Meant to say, it had areal good "chug"to it. Listened to s/t again yesterday. Still really good.

Emily Cross has just released a second track from Cross Record’s next album:

Woah! I didn’t know there was a new one coming out!


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