London aka haggis toasties


I’m assuming @xylo’s identity in spring and coming to catsit for a few weeks. Obviously I want to meat and whatnot so let’s otganise that, also I want general tips for London as I’ve never spent more than a weekend down there before. Even shit you think is too obvious or probably not really any good like going to Sketch and putting photos of the pink stairs on instagram. Mostly though I like galleries, museums, architecture, The burning question really is where do I get the haggis toasties?

Fire away with tips (bear in mind I have Jnr in tow) and put April 1-14 in your diaries LME


yes! haggis toasties can be acquired in either homerton or leyton i believe, we should do a coffee and toasties meat. if you’re out east anyway then i’d recommend the whitechapel gallery - no clue what’s on but it’s almost always something good.


Distance is no object for a toastie


Omg we can have Mexican hot choc Stein style


Broadway Market on Saturday, Chatsworth on Sunday innit.


They’re often at Beavertown too, when that’s open.

The cafe in Leyton is very good, too.


(he knows)


Are your marcsplaining haggis toasties?


Makes it easier for Scout to plan stuff if she has the full picture, innit?




Imma leave you my membership card for Eltham palace so you can SMASH that


Have you informed Eltham?


Eltham welcomes everyone to his palace


Especially for a ludicrous smashing.


Dulwich Picture Gallery has things in it which are nice to look at.
It’s a shame it’s the last week of the Tove Jansson exhibition but anyway, hopefully there will be something good during your visit.


It was a good save, one for the cameras.


The Design Museum in Kensington is pretty cool and they have the Japanese garden in Holland Park which should look all nice and blossomy around that time. Could be very pleasant indeed if the weather’s good.


Bus ride into Greenwich won’t take more than 15 mins and that’s got the observatory, the rebuilt galleon and a mega sized park <3


that’s not what I heard

crowd goes ‘OHHHHHHHHH!!!’


This just isn’t true unfortunately