London As A Tourist

New taproom has opened now. My mate was there last weekend and they have security turning big groups of lads away.

I live next door to a hotel and for the first few weeks of living there I’d get an alert every day asking me to leave a review of the hotel. “HOW WAS YOUR STAY AT THAT HOTEL!?” every day.

It seems to have worked it out now and doesn’t prompt me anymore though which is good, since the only solution I could think of was to leave a review for the hotel and I didn’t want to lie.

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What time does it open?
Anywhere that turns away big groups of lads is good by me as long as I’m not in a big group of lads :grinning:

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I get this sometimes for the pub across the road. I don’t really like it, I haven’t actually been in there for ages.

Probably it got confused by trying to recommend big Ben to big Ben


Leake Street tunnel is quite cool actually! My son quite likes having a nose about down there and watching people paint graffiti since seeing Spider-Verse.

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Oh, really? Understandable I suppose.

We were asked to leave the Pembury Tavern on our last crawl across east London. :see_no_evil:

I am actually going to Angela Hartnett s restaurant i hope it is nice :blush:


You can go to the American Sweet Shop in Greenwich Market afterwards if you want to

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ooo, jealous of this

(there’s actually loads of “street art” in penge, which makes for a good walk:

also has the southey tap room (fine) and some new beer place up towards crystal palace. great coffee in se20 cycles (genuinely some of the best in the city), then have a wander to to crystal palace park to see the dinos)


He shouldn’t feel he has to though, it’s important to stress that. But, if you want to, you can go to the American Sweet Shop in Greenwich Market


Murano is amazing. You are in for a treat.

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Very much a fan of the new building :+1:

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How are the vegetarian options?

are the still doing that different person on a pedestal outside of that thing?

and as soon as you step off escalators