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We (No Picnics) are looking for a laid-back, friendly bass player to fill out our sound. We’ve performed as a two-piece previously (guitar + drums, both on lead vocals) which is nice but bass is an itch we just can’t scratch between just the two of us!

We’ve written loads of songs so far - we each generally bring one song to every practice to fiddle around with and work on. We love playing live and have a good sense of humour. We’ve played in the same bands on and off for a long while!

We’re in our early 30s so probably would like to play with someone 25ish to 40, although that’s not a main priority - we just need to get on with the person and share similar musical outlooks I suppose!

We’ve been described in the following way:

“No Picnics - Spritely geek-rock/indie 2-piece influenced by acts such as Pavement, Weezer, Parquet Courts and Elvis Costello.”

Here are a few demos. Please note - these songs sound so much better live, and we have so much more energy than is displayed here! We recorded the demos ourselves, so please bear that in mind too:

We’re looking to rehearse at Strummer Studios every fortnight and to gig when we can.

Bands we love: Parquet Courts, The Beatles, Pissed Jeans, Future of the Left, Meat Wave, Pixies, Nirvana, Pavement, the Beach Boys, Reuben, Early Weezer, Elvis Costello/

Bands we don’t love: The Stone Roses, The Twang, Royal Blood.

Bands we f***king hate: Kasabian,

If you’re interested in being our bassist, send me a message - we can maybe meet for a drink or we could pop round Martin’s house to learn a few songs and have a few rums. We could even go straight to a practice if the mood strikes!

As well as the above, we have all of our songs roughly recorded (us playing them live in the rehearsal room) so let me know if you’d like to hear more!

I also have some short vids of us playing a gig I could send you from my phone.

Cheers everyone - hope to hear from you soon!

No Picnics

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