London Bridge incident

Some reports of a van mounting the pavement. Hope everyone is OK, thoughts are with you right now.

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Seems the van may have driven off too.

Yeah this sounds really bad from emerging reports/news. Stay safe LME


Stay safe guys

There would have been loads of people out there on a Saturday evening in warm weather. Horrendous. No reports of any deaths yet thankfully. I’m assuming that this is another terrorist attack?


I ride across London Bridge twice daily during the week.


Just switched the news on and it’s super odd seeing exact places I’m super familiar with.

Stay safe London DiSers plz :pray:


Well after recent events it’s understandable to think that but remember the Glasgow bin lorry accident, that wasn’t terrorism (did people wonder if it was when it happened?) but if it happened now everyone would worry it was.

The BBC are only reporting confirmed facts, but Sky are claiming multiple stabbings and gunfire. Hope it’s not true.

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Yeah, me too. I’m there like twice a week smoking a fag next to the sculpture on my commute. Used to work in borough market too. Don’t know enough about this yet, but horrible to think that people were killed there, just enjoying their Saturday evening.

Stay safe everyone.

I was literally just about to walk down there from Angel but stuck around a bit longer than expected. There’s lots of people out and about completely unaware of anything going on. Gonna be a hell of a lot of confusion and disruption tonight.


There’s a second incident at borough market:(

Helicopter circling near my area and hella cops flying down queens road.

Thoughts with all you disers (and other people effected) down in London.

This is awful : (


Would just like to comment on how refreshing this thread is compared to my social media feed. Nice one.


Tell me about it. I’m disowning my cousin over this. Not that I really give him the time of day anyway.

Vauxhall now apparently? Wtaf?

Watching the news. This whole thing unfolding is very grim

I really don’t want to keep up with the coverage, and I want to wait until the morning. It’s just horrible

Back home safely. Everyone on the train home were letting loved ones know they were safe. Palpable sense of unease. Sirens everywhere now as well. Really grim.