London clubs

Does anyone go clubbing anymore? Never been that into it, but got a few m9s coming down this weekend for birthday so trying to find a good late night place.

Any venues you can remember having a good time at recently?

We all hate chelsea


Depends, how much gak will you be on?



When I was a kid, we always used to drive past here on the way to visiting relatives, and I’d think “YEAH! When I’m a grown up I’m going to go there, it looks fun”.

Lived down the road for about a year, and have still never set foot inside.


What kind of places do your mates like, and where do you live?

I’ve lived down the street from there for 16 years and have absolutely no intention of ever entering.


This is a solid plan.

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corsica studios used to be good 5 years ago when I was into that sort of thing
bussey building is open late. alright but expensive soul night every other saturday
canavans is okay
oval space can be fun
think fabric reopened recently?

don’t really know anywhere north of the river as everywhere seems to have closed down

dat sound system :ok_hand:


Look, if you’re silly enough to actually go in there as an adult…

take em down Penge Cycle Club obv



does anything apart from tribute acts happen in there? Such a weird place.


What sort of music do they like? What is the preferred area?

I saw The Others there, the only time I set foot in the place. I deeply regret it.


It’s been open since forever under the same name as well, which is a massive rarity in London. I can remember seeing it in the late 80s.

Probably a front for something.


I used to go here every single week from about the age of 15 to 18 (door policy was pretty strict back then obviously) as New Cross was on the trainline up from Sevenoaks. It used to be a proper touring band venue back then - saw PJ Harvey, Carter USM, Billy Bragg, Suede. The Verve, Sheep On Drugs, New Model Army, Senser, Zodiac Mindwarp, Sultans Of Ping FC, many other bands here. Also had an amazing indie disco.

These days it’s solely tribute bands sadly. Still hugely popular at the weekends I note. I have lived down the road from it for six years now and not ventured back however…

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For more info.

Preference for south but not too fussed. Hoping to be out until 4-6am ish as meeting up very late after a gig.

Would shell out for a good techno night somewhere but those have always been high risk in my experience, buy also happy with a cheap indie club somewhere shitty.

Ok here’s the plan

  • bag of cans at home
  • head to dalston about midnight
  • queue outside the alibi for an hour
  • pay a tenner to get in
  • wait an hour to get served
  • spend the rest of the night in the smoking pit



When I worked a supermarket nearby we’d go into Venue at least once a month. Saw an incredible Spice Girls tribute band there once iirc but mostly can’t remember much due to too many vodka red bulls.

Corsica and Bussey are both alright, though I always feel very old in there. Printworks is also good but they usually do all day stuff. Phonox in Brixton has cool lights like Tron (used to be Plan B).

Haven’t been to Fabric since it reopened but likely to get good DJs there.

Oval Space too, as mentioned.

Maybe check Resident Advisor?

Haha. This is living.

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