London clubs

I think for a proper London night out add a good chance of:

Find out the place you had planned to go to is so full you can’t get in, so spend ages aimlessly wandering round to find something else that you don’t have to take out a mortgage to afford.


Chapter 10, the best techno night in London IMO, is on this Saturday at BLOC. Its a mostly gay crowd but obviously open to all, never any agro and they don’t announce the DJs until the night itself which seems to deter a lot of bell ends. Saw Midland play there at 5am recently and it was AMAZING


is visions still open? we used to go there quite often and that you’ve accurately detailed the experience.

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Worth remembering that nearly everywhere will be full of Halloween bells this weekend too.

dirty martini!!

also happens fairly regularly when you just want to go to the pub

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Yeah always coincides with my birthday.

Just looking at resident advisor and it’s wall to wall Halloween ‘raves’

sometimes fun like if it’s nice weather and you’re with interesting people, but then sometimes you get cornered by someone who’s on drugs and really wants to tell you their life story in excess detail

i recently saw someone doing stand up, he said it’s easy to explain what cocaine does to people, it’s like 5 boring TED talks all next to your face all at the same time

Yes, or you have to stand on a tiny square of pavement all night that has to be guarded against interlopers.

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It is but mainly does shit funky house nights now. Still queues round the block every weekend, though.

Nicking this.


Came in to say Chapter 10 too, such a good night! Everything I’ve been to at bloc has been great to be fair.

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Indeed, they have a pretty OTT door policy but once you’re in its great.

Dis Clubbing Meat:

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Phonox at Brixton is good too (used to be Plan B). Going there to see Daniel Avery on Sunday in fact. But this information isn’t helpful.

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went there a few months ago but left almost immediately as is my wont these days.

of all the bad ideas, this one is the most bad

its so bad I almost considered not posting it.

could you imagine.

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Ah really, I’ve thankfully never found that? Bouncers have been some of the friendliest I’ve found anywhere in London - compared to places like Village Underground in any case.

As noted above, Phonox is your best bet in South London for a techno night which isn’t sold out or mega pricey. Will attract fewer halloween types too.