London DiS Meat December 6th/7th? (ma0sm in London)

Hey Drowned In Sound.

I (ma0sm) will be in London on the weekend of the 6th - 8th December, partly motivated by seeing mclusky, partly because I haven’t been to London in SOOOOOO long.

Would be good to see / meet some of you.


  • Make it the same night as the mclusky gig, let’s get sweaty & carry on from there
  • Make it the Saturday night and let’s get sweaty for no apparent reason & carry on from there
  • I cannot attend
  • I will not attend
  • I must not attend
  • I should not attend
  • I am in love with you, let’s do both

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Hello daytime

I reckon I could be up for a trip up there in December

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Oh what a shame, I’m in the Hague or whatever that weekend.



Also at the McLusky show so that’s nice

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Wait no. I’m at the November show. I’m in Krakow that weekend. Sorry Maoam I have broken your little turtle heart

This is worse than balonz’s reply

I’ll pop down on the 7th

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Maybe… It’s @Avery’s bday weekend and we’ve taken Thurs and Fri off but we haven’t decided what we’re doing yet… There’s talk of a Friday day trip so could very well be around on the Saturday☺️

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Fuck it I should just like reserve a bit table in a pub on the Saturday or something shouldn’t I?

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we will need somewhere to put all our bits



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Thing is, since I’m only in town for a weekend, I’ll have to combine this with irl friends too, but that’s fine, right?

finally getting your comeuppance eh?


If Tonbridge have beaten Billericay on the Sat afternoon I’m going to be having an absolute mad one and probably being extremely annoying by quoting Glenn Tamplin’s famous pep talk

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Are you at Billericay or at home?

At home. Sadly the Riccay away game is on the one weekend of the season where I am unavailable for any football activity, so I won’t get to see the Muriel up close :sob:

I have no idea what any of this means

Ah, shame! If you are ever travelling to Billericay then let me know, it is only about 20 minutes on the bus from here, I’d go meet you (and cheer on Tonbridge, obvs).

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