The Londoners on this forum aren’t banging on about London NEARLY as much as they used to. Not NEARLY.

Is that a tacit acknowledgement that it’s shit?

No Londoners come from London.

Nobody has arisen to replace @marckee as their implicit leader.

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That’s a given.

Not that any of us accepted Marckee as a leader.

london’s over

lon DONE


But he was though

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…“more like”

do it properly ffs

He was?

Can’t argue with that part though.

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I wish all my London friends would move to Reading.
I wanna move to Bristol or Manchester or somewhere in the not so distant future tho tbh.


Do you wish for us to be unhappy


She means she wants you to read more books because you are all dumbos.

One good, one bad.

+ Live closer to Gnome and Avery
- Live in Reading

Maybe we can all live in a big train station forever.

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Do feel more at home in London though, less pointlessly aggressive nobheads, less outright fascism, less contempt for people because they happen to wear a hat or people think their coat’s outlandish.
The rest of Britain’s got a real problem with individualism.


I thought warmly about Bristol earlier then remembered it’s expensive.

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I wish for you to be able to afford to own your own homes and come out to the pub with me or round mine for an impromptu after work drink and chat.

(I do realise that even living in Reading, home ownership is still not affordable for most people of our generation, without help/or at all )

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because its shite now.

Sounds horrible