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Got a team building weekend in London coming up, any good experiences and the like atm? Escape room has been suggested but I fucking hate them so I’d like to come up with something more exciting so I don’t have to do that.

Also while we’re here, is Patty&Bun still good please.

M&M World for me


What is it that you don’t like about escape rooms?

I was going to suggest the Crystal Maze or the Tomb Raider thing, but they’re kind of in the same vein.

One of the crazy golf places?

Otherwise, stuff like Flight Club (Darts), Electric Shuffle (shuffleboard) or Bounce (table tennis) are good for a work night out.

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Axe throwing

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Cookery school

Go karting

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Dance workshop

(We learned the moves to Michael Jackson’s Thriller)

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OXO Tower Restaurant, Bar and Brasserie
020 7803 3888

OXO Tower Restaurant, Bar and Brasserie - Google Search



Indoor mini golf


Was about to suggest both of these… been with work to both and they went down very well.

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don’t enjoy those types of puzzle. I don’t get satisfaction from solving them, I’m just no longer annoyed.

I’ve done Crystal Maze and it was great, there’s more variety. Will look into Tomb Raider

Toca Social in the O2 is good - football oriented

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The Mou…oh no, sorry. Those day’s are gone.

The new Wes Anderson Asteroid City exhibition on The Strand looks like it could be good. There’s quite often fun pop-up exhibitions around. Might be worth a Google nearer the time.

I went to the Isle of Doggies one a few years ago and it was fun and cute. And free.
Fucked if I’m paying £15 per person for this one though. Want to take a friend after work but feel it’s a bit steep for a quick look around.

Sorry if it’s cheeky to ask in here but anyone got any good connections in the Wes Anderson temporary exhibition department?

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Clays was good fun:

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train back to east midlands

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a lot of your main must see’s have been covered already, but after you and the team have hit up M&Ms world and the OXO tower, I’d recommend hitting both China Whites and Spearmint Rhinos in the evening.

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Also not sure if Roof East will be open this summer…mix of games/bars/food.

Montgomery Square might have some summer events outside.

Four Quarters / Otherworld VR / Immersive Gamebox.

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