London fatberg

have we had a thread about the Whitechapel fatberg yet?

what would you do with a 250 metre long clump of fat that weighs 130 tonnes (once you’ve freed it from the sewer)?

I find it kind of fascinating - it must be FULL of genetic material


Would be a great name for a classic Hollywood leading man


Landon Fatbergh

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make it foreign secretary??? No wait they already did that!!!


Should be the next Bond.

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Just like [redacted]'s mum

Turn it into expensive burgers or an up-cycled and quirky bar

don’t try and eat your lunch whilst looking at photo’s of this. utterly grim.

next Bond villain

actually, Bond could go a bit more fantasy action adventure, have a shapeshifting ultra-nemesis - a joint US & British Govt. genetic programme to make the elite soldier gone horribly wrong & hellbent on revenge

oh shit, sorry - yeah. Forgot you lot are an hour behind and possibly still lunching


looks pretty delicious to me

ha wasn’t really directed at you. I made the mistake of reading this story a few weeks back whilst eating. Urrggh.

Think I read somewhere that they’re going to donate some of it to the Science Museum. May be making this up, mind.

The Museum of London want it apparently

I’m only mentioning the subject today because there was a press-release saying that ‘It will take much longer than previously thought’ to remove it - there was a Thames Water bod talking about it on Swedish Radio

won’t be shifted until after Christmas

Hoxton Fatberg

They should hang it in Hyde Park over the winter. Could feed the blue tits

might provide an interesting ecosystem but I’m not sure blue tits are too keen on anything other than lard & suet

probably sleep with a man for a little bit of money.


Rule 34

Good to see the Smee comedy workshop principles in practice, guys.