London food recommendations pls

Laid back and regularly priced. Inc brunch but also super casual dins. Need the hot places that you might like. If you could offer up places that you get to on a laid back Saturday morn. Or fri night. X

Angus steak house?

@Balonz to thread

london is quite large

That’s fine.

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Think they’ve got Nandos there now but I’m not sure.

Thats nandos cheese!

Doesnt work


Peri attempt.

Also doesn’t work.


not free range though are they, shameful

Probably need to stay in one place so people know where to go to eat the chicken.

Brunch - dishoom (you can book)
Dinner - Hoppers (you can book at one branch, not at the other but you can put your name on a virtual waiting list)

Can’t remember the place I like in Islington for lunch but it was nice

On canteen near Victoria

probably want to go down the west-end.

jellied eels

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Big fan of dishhoom

Thanks for the help so far you’re all doing great and it’s very much appreciated.

think he was probably talking about chilango

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