London LME... A parking question

Hi! Going through V and A on Saturday for the Kahlo exhibition. Trains are well £££ so we were going to drive and park, if we get there early enough is Imperial college going to have space do we reckon??

Any other super parky spots? I know I’ll have to pay of course but it’ll still be cheaper than train…

Does it have to be Saturday? Free on street parking just west of the NH museum on Sundays.

Hmmmmm…yes unless we jump it to half term. Ehich is doable actually, Thanks!

I tend to park somewhere around Kingston station and train it in on a travelcard (travelcard wankers unite). Not that this helps mind. I’ll be quiet now.

Where are you driving from?

Yep we looked at driving to Slough and training it in. Might still be an option…

Up the M4 …from Wiltshire way

Ah, I’ve got nothing to offer beyond good wishes in that case.

Never done it but my thinking would be somewhere near one of the big arenas/stadiums that isn’t in use that day might have a fair amount of space?

Hiya, Imperial car park is not enormous but usually not that busy on the weekends. Lots of residential spots slightly to the west with single yellows around Queens Gate Terrace. Possibly a better option is parking at Westfield Shepherd’s bush - right off the M4 and quite cheap, less than a tenner for the whole day.

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