London Meat Network: let's hang out 🤙 FRI 1st JULY (The Miller) TUE 5th July (Sutton Arms)


Here are some dates I’m knocking about in the coming weeks.

Thurs June 30th (at a talk about mudlarking at Brunel Museum with @he_2 until 9pm but free after)

Fri 1st July

Tues 5th

Time for a cheeky bevarigno huns?

  • Thurs 30th post 9pm
  • Fri 1st daytime
  • Fri 1st evening
  • Tue 5th evening

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Yes pleeeeeease

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If its Friday I must be a bit sensible as I have plans on the Saturday.

I love the Brunel Museum, it’s where I used to go for an annual Wassail.

Can’t commit to anything solidly but I tend to be in the office in London a couple of days a week now, so random Tuesday is possibly a goer

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Would like to come along for this but will be down as a tbc until nearer the time!

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Cool! I’m meant to be out for dinner near Southbank but potentially not gonna happen so can probably be anywhere on that evening

I might have a gift for you actually, subject to the day you may or may not make it

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Cool, I’m keeping my days flexible to work around Mrs HYG but remind me the week before and I’ll let you know!

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:star_struck: well I’m going to have to try now!

I’m on holiday that week outside of London, it’ll be like we’ve switched lives


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5th is looking sharp

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Probably the wisest choice so I’m not a wreck for the weekend.

yeah i’m at the point where i try and stay clean on weekends, and don’t care if i’m hungover on workdays

although you’ve got a hell of a lass’s night out brewing on the 1st there :o


I might be able to come. The train into London takes an hour so getting there and back on a work day is pushing it unless it’s near Waterloo (can’t get back too late as I’ll want my boyfriend to meet me at the station and he likes to go to bed early!). Fri 1st I’m on holiday so not so restricted for time.

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Cool! Not really one or the other for me, happy to do something on the Friday and the Tues :slight_smile:


Is this happening or unconfirmed yet?

I am still up for something on Friday 1st evening (can be early as 5:30)

Shall I look into booking a space somewhere? Where is best for most people?