London mini-meat: this Sat afternoon, Hackney Wick

Yes. Hello. I hardly ever start threads so this is weird.
Myself and @anon82218317 thought it would be nice to have a few drinks on Saturday afternoon in The Beer Merchants Tap (@Severed799 and @Blind_Pilot’s place of work) just for something to do. We’re aiming to meet there at 2-ish - early start; early finish (for me anyway) - and probably get a bite to eat somewhere nearby at some point.
It would be great to see people if you want to pop along…

  • This is of interest to me and I would like to join you if I can. Maybe see you there
  • I would love to come but I’ve already made plans
  • I can’t make this because I live over one hundred and fifty thousand miles away

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Kept it nice and vague.
I’m going to PM the fuck out of @Jeremys_Iron too
See you Saturday!

Feels a bit Kane and X-Pac to me this combo.


It is actually Manchester where we shall all be meeting this saturday


(We have food here btw)

Would LOVE to know who is who in this scenario

I cant make this because I’m 5000 miles away

Fuuuu I canny make it which is shit cos I’ve never met sevvy or blind pilot and I’ve only ever been over to Crate up in hackney wick and I hear beer merchant’s is well peng.