London nice lunch places please


I have two hours to get from Paddington to St Pancras. Where is good for vegetarian//vegan lunches and isn’t too out of the way.


M&M World


Mildred’s 4 lyf


Grain Store in Granary Square next to Kings Cross

^ that doesn’t look like a real sentence


I think this looks absolutely perfect. thanks a lot pal.



Mildreds at Kings Cross or Dishoom <3


Mary ward centre, there’s a cafe in it, I haven’t been for a while but I always thought it was good and it’s pretty St Pancras.

I was pretty sure it was entire vegetarian although it doesn’t seem to say that on that page.


What’s your budget?

If you want to treat yourself, then Grain Store behind St Pancras is very good.

Otherwise, Roti King, near Euston is dirt cheap and does amazing Roti Canai.

Most places in London will do good Vegetarian food anyway.


it’s amazing, but can be crazy busy and they don’t take bookings so i’d have a backup. loads of good stuff in soho though.


There’s a Mildred’s near Kings Cross, and that one doesn’t get as busy (although, if it is, there’s aren’t as many backup options in the area).


Went to Dishoom for the TV’s birthday a couple of months ago. Wonderful stuff, despite being skeptical initially


You could always have some Corbyn-endorsed falafel at Gaby’s Deli


I think its possibly my favorite restaurant (apart from Hoppers and Polpo)

The black daal is just insanely beaut and I could eat a whole bowlful on its own.


I wasn’t too fussed with the Kings Cross Dishoom, to be honest - everything seemed just too greasy. Maybe it’s improved (we went the first week it opened).

Agree about Hoppers and Polpo though (and I’d add Shackfuyu, Bao and Koya as well).


I went a few weeks ago and it was really good. Nothing seemed greasy at all. Maybe they were having teething problems.

Hoppers is just so brilliant and proper reminds me of Sri Lanka. I bought a hopper pan back from there so I could make them myself but they’re nowhere near as good as Hoppers.

I really liked Shackfuyu too but was way too full for the french toast and matcha ice cream. I haven’t done Bao yet!

Have you been to On The Bab? I wanna try it.


The fried chicken at On the Bab is indecent.


Went to Bao last week. Lovely stuff. Had to queue outside for a bit though which was a pain.

Still not managed Polpo, though I have the cook book. Hungry now cheers guys.


Not been there, no. Will add it to the list!


We went Polpo on Saturday eve!

As for queuing, we wanted to go to Barrafina. We got there at 6:45 to be told there would be a 2 hour wait minimum. There wasn’t enough room to wait inside so sacked it off.

I like that with Hoppers they have an online queue so you can go there, sign up, then go off for a drink and watch from your phone as your place in the queue goes down and they text you 10 mins before your table is ready <3
THAT is the way forward with these walk in places.


Refuse to queue for places just because they want to look popular. Arseholes the lot of them