London pub gardens

Hello! Simple request for recommendations of pubs in London with brilliant beer gardens please. We’re starting to think of wedding venues and this is a potential avenue to explore.

Thx in advance!

Which area of London?

No limits, at the moment

Alright, Ray and Anita


Drayton Court in West Ealing has an enormous beer garden.

Albeit in West Ealing

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I went to a nice event at the Duke of Sussex on Acton park green. Had a nice beer garden and really good food. Could imagine it being a nice location to be booked out for a wedding

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I’ll just cover off ones local to me in SE London in that case:

Oh, and one from North London as I like it so much…


We got married in a pub. I won’t name it here but it’s tagged on my Instagram page if you’re following me there and are curious.

One thing about pub venues is not all of them accommodate weddings, or if they do, sometimes it will be a shared space with punters. The other thing I found was the shape of a pub is sometimes awkward for large groups. Some of the nicer ones we saw would be better for more intimate weddings.

Best place to look is on Instagram usually at London wedding photographer pages and then you can see all the venues various people use.

Wow thanks!

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I actually do follow you! I’ll have a look.

We will only have a small number of people so we’re really just exploring potential places at the moment, so trying to cast the net wide and see what comes back. We found the absolute perfect venue except they won’t have live music which is a bummer. That’s gonna happen a lot I think.

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(thanks for the tips also!)

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For smaller groups, I liked the look of the Bull & Gate in Camden or the Canonbury Tavern.

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Been thinking of starting a rolling wedding thread for awhile. Just done it…

In North London, apart from the fabulous Faltering Fullback mentioned above, I’d recommend the following pubs with beer gardens:

No idea of any of them cater for weddings though