London restaurants + kids

We’re doing a day trip to London in August and we’re wondering where to go for a nice meal after watching Matilda. Somewhere central/west end ideally. The kids aren’t especially fussy but they really like eating out where they get attention from the staff and something a bit different from the norm. Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions or recommendations. Not fine dining or anything.

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Do they have a Karen’s down there?


How old are your kids? Zedel is my standard recommendation for anyone eating round there but it’s probably worth double checking to make sure there are things on the menu they’ll eat.

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8 and 6


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Can’t be arsed queuing

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M&M world, spearmint rhino, stringfellows, Chinawhite


Bodean’s maybe a shout


Slipknot early lyrics needed more work yada yada



tbh they’d probably love it

Rainforest cafe (now called Jungle Cave, apparently).

The food’s pretty basic, but the setting is good fun.

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How adventurous are they flavour wise. Reckon a really good dumpling place in Chinatown would be a really cool experience for kids if they would enjoy the food

you can book a table


I know that’s been my thought. They’re good eaters and will try most things, so might do a dim sum lunch before the show, and then somewhere like rainforest cafe or zedel sounds pretty good for afterwards.

ahh cool that’s good to know

Saw this thread title and thought that lad that used to be on here complaining about babies in pubs all the time had returned.

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i mention it because the staff are really good with kids, in my experience

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There’s quite a few really good Indian restaurants that end of town, but dunno whether that would fit the bill of being something different foodwise. India Club is a bit different interior wise cos of how old fashioned it is and is pretty cheap inside, Sagar specialises in really good dosas.

Tbf, I went to Rainforest Cafe when I was a kid and fucking loved that though, so maybe no need to reinvent the wheel.

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Also, Inamo Soho has the cool interactive tables, with touch screen ordering, games and stuff: