London restaurants pls


eaten anything good in london recently?

I am looking for restaurant recommendations, for

friday lunch,
friday night
sunday night.

have booked Marcus Waring’s place for Saturday lunch (he does a 5 course menu for £60 which is obviously expensive but hopefully worth it), so looking other options cheaper than that please!

must be failry central if poss, staying in Stratford so if there’s anything there then great! (yes, I know…)

what’s the best of the burger places nowadays?

M & M World → Garfunkel’s → China Whites → Stringfellow’s → Spearmint Rhino

(Please note that they are not all restaurants)


Bibimbap is nice.


Are you on your own or with other people? Do you want budget places or nice?

If you like Vietnamese food then there is an amazing cheap place in the old Stratford Centre in the ‘in shops’.

Most places in Westfield are just ok; the restaurants on ‘The Street’ outside tend to be better than those indoors.

If you like craft beer go to Tap East in Westfield. You also have Howling Hops I’m walking distance.

Flat Iron and Smokestak are easy to get to.

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Another shout for Bibimbap. The food is great and, by London standards, cheap.



My old place near Liverpool Street is one of the best Chinese places I’ve ever been to. Absolute dive but the food is incredible. Szechuan place so loads of Szechuan peppercorns, chillies and star anise, proper cleans you out

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Polpo/polpetto/spuntino as well

ok ill stop spamming this thread now

I went to the one in King’s Cross with my parents and sister’s family. We all loved it. It got a thumbs up from us all. (We’re Indians.)

House of Ho on Old Compton Street.

Don’t know if it meets your requirements, CBA to read the OP

Go to that House of Seitan/House of Hackney for vegan chicken then walk down to London Fields to eat it Friday lunch time.

(2 more) (their website isnt working)

Fake news!

Their sister restaurant on Exmouth Market is highly recommended as well


ok so went to:

Marcus @ the Berkeley - this was really bloody good, obviously. HOWEVER I don’t think it was as good as other posh meals i’ve had. Nowhere near the 3* michelin I had in France and I think both food and service was better at Masterchef Monica’s restaurant.

Soutbank centre food market: Mega, cheers @ttf

Shake Shack - meh, prefer five guys.

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also went to Dishoom but it was full with an hour wait lol no thanks

so went to Relais de Venise l’Entrecote instead. It’s a steak and chips chain restaurant and it costs quite a lot but I bloody love it tbh.

anyone got any good recommendations for a solo eater in the Hammersmith/Shepherds Bush area. I’m down at (my new) head office for most of next week, and then likely to be in the same situation for the following few weeks. I like most things and trying to be healthy.

I went to Leon too, this is probably news from 2014 & dunno if they’re a london only thing, but it was decent for what it was, bit pricey though. would be good for a quick solo fast food dinner

Didn’t go to bibimbap?