London tipz

Hello Londoners

Where’s good to have weekend breakfast/brunch somewhere around Southwark/London bridge?

Obv already will have done M&M world, china whites etc

Pret A Manager


Arabica in Borough Market

Bit of a cliche but there’s a Breakfast Club right by Borough Market that isn’t usually too busy IIRC

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Lantana is pretty good.

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The breakfast club

M&Ms world

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where the pancakes are

are you here this weekend for that thing what’s happening?

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ok, looks like Borough market is a good call.

Cheers all!

this looks like its got good veg options. Is it kid friendly/tolerant?

Unfortunately I can’t really remember I’ve only been to that particular branch a few times but I’d imagine it’d be alright the atmosphere seemed fairly laid back.

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He’s hurt me, that’s for sure.

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If you wanted somewhere you can book a table, I took our two to this place the other week:

Just make sure you don’t accidentally book an outdoor table and then have to argue the completely-in-the-right waiting staff down :+1:

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Get a nice Oxo from the Oxo tower

I used to go The Table a lot for breakfast until one day it gave me a serious case of the epimers. Never been back.


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