London Venue Audit

Koko is fine apart from the fact it’s actually called The Camden Palace, which is a proper name for a venue.

You don’t find fucking clowns called Camden Palace do you? NO YOU DON’T!

Venue namers of London: stay in your fucking lane.

This is about shit venue management rather than distance, though. Any venue doing this is being an absolute arsehole.

Fuck Cargo and their aggressive ID requirements, frankly. No I will NOT bring a cunting passport to your venue so you can scan it you pieces of shit.


Yeah Brixton academy is exceptionally bad for this. £6 for a warm lager IN A BLOODY CAN should fuck right off


I love the O2 venues aggressive peddling of shite beer. It saves me so much money, I’m never even tempted to spend money in there :smiley:


Wish I had your willpower - was saving a seat at Shep’s Bush last week so got one of those 2 pint cups they have to save a journey. £12. Absolute mug.

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Oh, flat, warm Tuborg. :open_mouth:

The fucking horror

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The Slaughtered Lamb

  • Clerkenwell’s best venue
  • Clerkenwell’s worst venue

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Anyone been to The Unicorn? Seen Vampillia and VMO are playing in August, thinking of coming dahn for it.

  • Yes and its good
  • Yes and its bad

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Oh they’re playing Leeds. Hmm

Oh dear

The Betsey Trotwood

  • Great upstairs, great downstairs
  • Great upstairs, rubbish downstairs
  • Rubbish upstairs, great downstairs
  • Rubbish upstairs, rubbish downstairs

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It’s fine as a punter, good stage and sound

Someone do this thread for Bristol venues please.

Correct. Lest we forget

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Science Museum

  • IMAX
  • IMIN

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You at teeth of the sea last night, too?

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Rumbled. How did you guess?

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More importantly, what did you make of it?