London Venue Audit

Absolutely loved it - although it made the documentary so much more tense, I kept thinking everyone was going to die even though I know they were all successful haha


Also I wish Wally Funk was my aunt, omg


Agreed - definitely added to the tension, particularly in the run-up to Apollo 11. The recurring melodies on the trumpet were ace.

Wikipedia tells me Aunt Wally learned to fly a Black Hawk at 72. Beats knitting and golf!

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Fans of the MacBeth can help by emailing Hackney, it seems

ok so over the last 13 years of having The Macbeth we have made a lot of good friends we’ve had your bands play, had your club nights on, given you a free drink, cleaned up your sick, stored your crap in our basement, celebrated your birthdays, danced on the bar with you, barred you, let you back in etc etc, so do us a good turn and return the favour… we are under serious threat of being SHUT FOR GOOD what we need is you to write to right now ( we literally have 14 days) tell them you want us to stay open and why …they are trying to shut us down for 3 months then restrict our opening hours to 10pm week nights 11pm weekends obviously these hours would not work for The Macbeth or any music venue (please email stating The Macbeth in the subject matter)… thanks Mark and Mel…

See votes for the Troxy are pretty much split 50/50. Considering going to Oh Sees there in September, anyone care to mention the pros and cons of the venue to help me decide?

It’s fine, just not perfect, so don’t worry about the venue spoiling the evening. If it’s a band you like then get along early for a good spot down the front.

Yeah, as Whoops has stated, try to get there early so that you can get a decent view in the ‘pit’. Otherwise the views aren’t great, unless you’re in the balcony.