London venue recommendations 💃



gonna put on a club night for my birthday party

need a venue with decent sound that is ideally wheelchair accessible

can’t really cost anything but we will guarantee lots of people buying drinks

also, what might I have failed to consider?

you’re all invited xx


How many people are you expecting? Will it be open to the public as well, or will it be a private event?


think I’ll make it open to the public and make it free too

so like 50-100 people but it’s hard to say without knowing what the venue is… basically size doesnt matter too much. the extra people would just be there to fill the space up cause I probably dont have enough friends and have to trick people into going to my party.

the other thing is I dont want it to be in some far flung part of London that people will moan about getting to like stoke newington or something.


Who moans that Stoke Newington is in a far flung place?

Apart from the Windmill in Brixton, I can’t really think of any places that size that are wheelchair accessible, as they are basement venues (Eg Waiting Rooms), upstairs rooms (Paper Dress Vintage) or have closed (Montague Arms), unfortunately.

Maybe Total Refreshment Centre/Solutions?

I dunno. Someone who lives in SE London might be able to suggest somewhere more suitable down that way.


Me. Although it’s probably a bit more accessible now the Overground runs overnight on weekends.


Most of my friends live in south London so would ideally want somewhere in Brixton, Peckham etc.


might ask attitude is everything if they can help select accessible venues


sto… oh


But that’s even further for @colinzealuk to travel!


I guess I am personally ok with wherever it is as long as ita near or on a night service and people arent gonna have to get three buses home.


Hiya DB have you considered DIY space for London in Peckham? Definitely pro wheelchair,


I was going to suggest there, but I think you’d struggle to find a Friday or Saturday night where there isn’t already something pencilled in.

Maybe a co-promoted event? Or piggy-back on something that’s already happening?


@Ruffers has worked at DIY space and knows people, might be able to help


Yeah DIY Space is a good shout, I think they were trying to lower their hiring costs recently as well.

Catford Constitutional Club is also wheelchair friendly if I recall correctly - there is an upstairs bit but they regularly have bands playing downstairs, and there are downstairs loos I think? My friend used to work there so could put you in touch with their events manager


Thanks for the suggestions. I think DIY space might not be the best option cause it closes at 11pm.


You can request a longer opening and they’ll apply for a one off late license on your behalf, although it might be slightly more difficult for them to get volunteers to stay later.


Thanks I will look into this.


No worries! I’ve volunteered there a few times and they honestly do seem really nice. If I lived closer I’d try to put something on there myself!


Yeah it seems really well run. I’m gonna look into it but it might not be the best option cause I would either be significantly out of pocket or would have to charge people to go to my birthday. It might be a bit too complicated. Also stuff like being responsible for mopping up afterwards might make it too much effort.


They/we can only have 1 late license a month because of the lovely lovely council
And it tends to be first come first served so it is a long shot