London venue recommendations 💃


I would recommend New River Studios


Wouldn’t be looking at more than like £120-150 max there


And they have a cat named Bagel (fully accessible, decent bar etc too)


A fully accessible cat you say? Sounds good!


such a great cat


will any of you actually come to this?
Likely to be 11th or 12th may.


Yeah I’d be well into that wherever it ends up being :slight_smile:


Amersham Arms in New Cross might be able to help you out


I might enquire. Do you know roughly what the capacity might be?


Peckham? Too far flung for me I’m afraid.


I put a small gig on at the Cavendish Arms in Stockwell once, it was probably 10 years ago but it was a nice little place. It might suit.


So there’s a bar bit that does vegan pizza and stuff too, can easily fit about twenty in there and in the event space itself there’s probably room for about 50?