London weekender (specifically Camden)

Heading over from The Big Smoke (Dublin) to The Much Bigger Smoke (London) this Friday for two nights.

Gigging it up in the Roundhouse on Saturday and staying close by. Can you knowledgeable LDNers load me up with food/drink/cool shop/general hang recommendations in that neck of the woods? Thank you, I love you all.

There’s tapas, fracas, alcohol, tobaccos
Bongs, bongo bingo, Portuguese maracas
There’s reggae in the jeggae, music everywhere
Every kind of song and dance, madness in the air

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Agree that Camden is mostly rubbish now. Although the Hawley Arms is a great pub with a roof terrace famously frequented by UK indie artists, went the other day and had a nice time.

If you’re staying by the roundhouse there’s some nice places to have brekkie and some great charity shops in Primrose Hill


Suggs has agreed to meet you by the Underground and show you the sights.


The past couple of times we’ve been to the Roundhouse, we’ve gone to Bintang for food, and then to Mamasons next door for take away dessert for the walk to the venue.

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there’s a mildreds in camden now for delicious veggie food, and in the market on the canal there’s a bunch of food stalls for yer street salads and whatnot, can try your luck there. a bunch of indie/metal pubs for grebo nights out - the dev, underworld, koko, electric ballroom have big club nights things.

otherwise, primrose hill is a nice walk and some nice fairly quiet pubs nearby (at least compared to camden), regent’s park, london zoo. tbh there’s loads. if camden is too annoying you could walk up towards kentish town and tufnell park for lots more food and pub options.


think peppermint apes and JAG might be playing in the dublin castle as well


Take the first bus out and go somewhere nicer.

Islington isn’t bad - some good restaurants along the main drag, and Essex Road is quite fun too.

Marylebone is good to look around, albeit spendy so more of a ‘browse’ type location.

There’s usually some good gigs on in Dalston.

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Main Camden/Chalk Farm pubs will be shit for a pre-gig drink for The Roundhouse on a Saturday.

The Pembroke Castle or The Richard Steele nearby would be better.

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Go to the black heart and witness humanity


Go to Tapping The Admiral and hang out with the pub cats.


The very centre of Camden might not be great, but think people might be overstating how shit it is tbh! Tapping the Admiral is walking distance and is decent, there’s some others that are decent off the main drag.

Walkable/short bus away you’ve got Kentish Town - Pineapple and Southampton Arms are two of the best pubs in London. And Kings Cross is good and underrated too. McGlynn’s (might be busman’s holiday territory for you, althou saw a famous Irish author in there tonight though so maybe not and it is wonderful), King Charles I, Old Queens Head are all really great pubs. Lexington is good during the day and lively at night, if you’re so inclined.

Loads of good food about too. You’ll have a great time, hope you haven’t cancelled already based on the thread.



So nice to hear this is still around

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Agree with this - might not get involved much with the main drag these days but there’s plenty of nice stuff around the edges still :+1:


adding rose & crown kentish town to the good boozers listed. soton arms is the best though, miss it dearly.

fierce grace (hot) yoga just by the roundhouse if that’s your thing, swim in the ponds at hampstead heath (or just get a nice view over London and a nice walk)

pay a fiver to see Karl Marx’s grave?

max’s sandwich shop in crouch end is worth the pilgrimage if like me you love sandwich.

If you’re in k-town would recommend lalibela for ethiopian food or babuji for local indian

owl is a cute bookshop

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  • Camden Town got shitter
  • Camden Town was always shit
  • I just got older
  • All of the above
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Went there on a weekend daytime and still insanely busy. Not sure why. Heartening to see that goths still hang out by the lock :heart:

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i remember being so overawed by camden as a 15/16 year old. it definitely is one for the younguns - i’m sure they still love it.

Hijacking the thread to say i have two tickets for Ben Edge tomorrow evening if anyone wants them