Anyone ever been? I’m going for the first time on Thursday for 6 days. What should I do?
I don’t like crowds or walking.

M&M World → Garfunkel’s → China Whites → Stringfellow’s → Spearmint Rhino


And no, I am not changing it @Petagno


Thanks, going to add these to the itenarary. How much should I budget to spend?

Take yourself up the OXO Tower.


How about Stringfellows for Stringfellow’s in that case?

wouldn’t bother, full of twats

I’m staying in Green Lanes, anything to do around there?

I also really enjoy eating burgers, where should I go to get a good one?

Nope. This is set in stone.

I reckon they’ve probably got a McDonald’s somewhere

M&M’s World?

No, I’d prefer something artisanal.

Burger King?

Maybe something with darker lighting, really loud music and some paper on the floor.